Introducing the Rambo


I can’t take credit for this drink, and I’m not 100% sure I want to yet.

This unusual concoction was devised by my wonderful social-hound sister. While jagger-bombs have moved from the apre ski slopes of Austria and have now saturated the clubbing and late night bars across the UK, my darling sister has come up with the perfect antidote: The Rambo.

It comprises of:

Half a pint of real ale (ask your bar-tender. Apparently the more local the beer, the better).
A shot of amaretto.

….and it should be made in the same way as a jagger bomb, with the glass shot dropped into the half pint.

This had mixed reactions within our group. While some loved it, I did notice that no one asked for anymore.

But I think my sister’s plan may have started to work. The bar staff at the East London boozer seemed intrigued and fellow punters started ordering it. While I can’t imagine the trendy kids of Dalston slipping on a Rambo, it may filter though into the slightly older, ale-appreciating 30/40 somethings. Who knows….

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