Newington Green Fruit & Vegetables

It seems that I’m spending less and less time in the capital. Over the past few years I have morphed from a fully fledged Londoner who would sit in east London pubs chatting about the merits and pitfalls of the gentrification of Hackney, and have turned into a wanna-be Bristolian who doesn’t know my Banksy’s from my Brunel’s.

At the moment I still spend a couple of nights a week in London thanks to work and while I’m in the capital, I usually stay at a friends in Newington Green, home to one of the best fruit and veg shops I have ever known.


This family run fruit and vegetable shop has a sister shop in Stoke Newington and opens early and stay open until late (10pm), for those who do normal working hours. Why more shops across the country don’t do this, I’ll never know!

The variety and quality of fruit and vegetables on offer here are truly outstanding. Not only are there all manor of mushroom, exotic vegetables and nuts and seeds on offer, but it is cheap. And I mean cheap! Rich, juicy and ripe tomatoes can be bought here for around two thirds of the price you would spend in Tesco.

The last time I went I filled up my re-usable bag to the brim (they discourage plastic bags) of incredible produce and spent about £12.

You will sometimes find that there is a queue that snakes around the shop but it is worth the wait. It is particularly busy around 6.30pm each night and on Sunday mornings so if you can avoid these times, then do.

If only there were more of these kind of shops around!

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