Teoh’s Exotic Delights

I sometimes worry when restaurants have more than one cuisine on offer. It makes me feel like they can’t do one well, so go for the scatter gun approach instead. But that couldn’t be further from the truth for Bristol’s Teohs.

Its restaurant is very understated with an almost canteen-like feel, but the food, which harks from Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and China, is an absolute pleasure to eat.

Each dish is filled with flavour, some really pack a punch while others are more mellow and aromatic. What was a lovely delight was being able to eat food from the Chinese section of the menu with the feeling that it was a genuine traditional dish, reminiscent of authentic Chinese food rather than the MSG laden imposters I’ve been subjected to over the years.

While Teohs isn’t a vegetarian restaurant, there is plenty to choose from and the staff are more than welcome to provide guidance and recommendations. On a recent visit, I had the Kitsune Udon, which is a soupy noodle dish with pak choi as a side dish. The soup tasted light and refreshing while the garlicky pak choi added a luxurious depth of flavour. If you’re feeling less healthy, the Singapore Curry Laksa will hit the spot with this spicy, creamy and wonderfully aromatic broth.

Not only is Teohs a restaurant, but it has a shop next door which has Asian treats from a range of countries. And as if that wasn’t enough, it is also a cookery school and provides takeaway delivery.

This great little restaurant will also been kind on your wallet, as well as your taste buds with all main dishes costing £7.50 and sides costing £4.50. Well worth a visit.

28 – 34 Lower Ashley Road
St Agnes

Tel – 0117 907 1191

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