My Burrito

Burrito take-out joints have been on the rise since the early naughties. Tucked away in almost every side side street in the square mile is a burrito fast food cafe with a queue of city workers in suits snaking out the door. The restaurants come in various degrees of quality and authenticity.

But these Mexican meals have made it out of London and as I ventured into My Burrito in Bristol, I was expecting to eat the usual slightly plastic cheese, chilli and grilled veg monster of a meal (which I would have been more than happy with!) only to be given something more genuinely tasty, fresh and interesting. The fact I could wash it down with a Negra Modelo beer made it all the more better!

Not only was I given a choice of wrap (wholemeal and spinach amongst others) but there were two vegetarian fillings on offer (shock, horror!). I chose the grilled vegetables, but could have gone for butternut squash and mushrooms. I also added the usual other gubbins that make up a burrito including all things salad, guacamole, cheese, pinto beans etc. When it came to choosing my sauce, I was given a range of tomato and chilli based sauces to taste, and rather they just being various degrees of spice, they all had very distinct and interesting flavours. One was sweet and light, another was rich and smoky with a real chipotle depth of flavour, and another was fiery but with a clean fresh aftertaste.

My companion ordered a meat filling and was assured that all the meat was locally sourced and organically reared.

There is only so much you can do with a burrito, but whatever they’ve done at My Burrito to pack that rich smoky flavour into a wrap oozing with goodness, they’ve done it well.

7 Broad Quay
Tel: 0117 929 7239



  1. Will have to try that!
    Not Mexican but you ought to try Magic Roll. And have you had ‘Eat a Pita’ in St Nics market?

    1. Haven’t tried it yet. I still need to explore the food at St Nicks market properly – it all looks so good!

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