Why Graze is a Marketing Success

The left overs of my Graze box

The leftovers of my Graze box

Over the past few years, places of work across the UK have become overrun with more and more brown boxes, pistachio shells and a slight fug of burnt popcorn emanating from microwaves.

As employees are swapping walkers crisps for a weekly delivery of healthy goodies from Graze, waistlines are slimming, with the wallets of those at Graze must be bursting.

Graze has over 100 snacks on offer and  it works by the customer signing in, selecting what they love, would like to try, or would like to ditch and the team at Graze send a box with four of the snacks that you have chosen direct to their workplace. The frequency of the box is dependent on you, but the most popular is the weekly delivery.

The reason for its success is that it relies on a word of mouth system, whereby those who have already signed up are given vouchers to get colleagues on board (the first box is free) in order to get a discount on the next box if anyone uses the voucher. And thereby, a Graze addiction has quickly spread across the office as colleagues compare treats and rate them online. The only office workers to suffer through this process are the post room staff!

Each box costs around £3.80 and are seeming not quite expensive enough to put anyone off. But the big marketing pull for these boxes is the nutritional benefit. Graze claims that they go by the 80/20 rule whereby you can be good 80% of the time, and naughty the rest:  “We think that this works well as an ethos for healthy eating, so we try to apply it to every box we send you. Inside your box you’ll find natural treats, completely pure snacks and some creations with a bit of both.”

Also the size of each potion has been carefully considered. Apparently, the nutrition team decided on the best portion size to get the balance in every punnet right with there being: “just enough for a satisfying snack without the temptations of a big bag.”

On offer from Graze is a large selection of vegetarian treats including olives, seeds, flapjacks, fruit and nuts amongst others. They have just started offering a beef jerky option, but this won’t be sent to customers unless they specifically request it.

So, if you find yourself constantly returning to the vending machine, it might be worth signing up to Graze for a healthier, more interesting alternatives.


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