Duck and Waffle

Duck and Waffle From the outset, it’s pretty obvious that this restaurant does not specialise in vegetarian food. Choices on the menu are pretty slim, but don’t let this put you off. What they do have is great, and the views aren’t too bad either!

Based on the top floor of Heron Tower, the restaurant overlooks the city skyline and grants customers probably the best views of the Gherkin and the Natwest tower in London. And what’s more, it’s a 24 hour restaurant! However, if you imagine turning up at four in the morning a little worse for wear expecting a late night snack, think again, as the bouncers on the door who oversee entrance for the early hours may direct you to a kebab house instead.

I ventured to Duck and Waffle for my sister’s birthday. The restaurant’s signature dish is, rather obviously, duck and waffle which my meat-eating companions shovelled down with gusto. Despite the limited choice for vegetarians, I ate like a king (…queen) and enjoyed every mouthful.

It operates as a ‘small-dish’ restaurant, which is all the rage at the moment. As a result, you may find yourself ordering more side-dishes than ‘mains’ but each dish is so cleverly crafted with intricate well-balanced flavours, that this does not really matter. It opened in the summer of 2012 and claims that operates on a 24 hour basis to keep: “pace with a city that’s always on the move”.

I ordered a bitter leaf salad which was made with little chunks of stilton, orange and hazelnuts; cherry tomato and goats cheese bread and beautiful fresh olives. But what really stole it for me was the aubergine and smoked Scamorza tortellini which was accompanied by cherry tomatoes, chilli and basil.  The smoky succulent filling of the tortellini was incredibly rich and satisfying while the pasta itself was made perfectly, with a bit of bite.

I also shared roasted Essex beetroot which came with goats curd, crunchy sweet honeycomb and watercress which was lovely.

The chefs have designed some interesting deserts that you’ll be pushed to find elsewhere which include crispy Mars bars and rhubarb and custard rice pudding.

But the main reason this restaurant stands out from the rest are the unbelievable views. It isn’t very often you can enjoy panoramic views of London sipping on a glass of beautiful wine eating well crafted tasty dishes.

The price for the food was very reasonable, especially when you take into consideration the location and if you eat vegetarian. But where the prices creep up on you is with the wine. They do, however, offer a fantastic selection by the glass.

Booking is a must is a must, even if you just want a drink at the bar. But it’s well worth the effort, even if it is just for the glass elevator ride up to the 40th floor alone.

Duck and Waffle
Heron Tower
110 Bishopsgate

Tel: 020 3640 7310

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