Souk Kitchen

Souk Kitchen is a prime example of good quality fusion cuisine between North African and Middle Eastern dishes made for Western tastes.

The food at this Bristolian restaurant does not seem to traditionally hark from one country, but are lovely adaptations of North African and Middle Eastern dishes to suit UK appetites. Tajines, salads, grills and mezzes occupy the menu and each is a slight variation on its traditional, more authentic cousin. Included in the mezze range for vegetarians are dips, falafels, and salads. A companion had the Dukkah crumbed goats cheese, preserved lemon with apricot chutney which was lovely. Traditionally, Dukkah harks from Egypt and is a blend of crushed spices, herbs and nuts. This dish had the goats cheese inside, covered in Dukkah spices and deep fried and was truly lovely alongside the sweet chutney.

We seem to have gone humus mad in the UK, and if you are part of this tribe of mashed-up chickpea lovers, than the dips on offer at Souk Kitchen will be right up your street. Included in the dip range are tahini and orange blossom, beetroot and walnut and roasted cauliflower puree, all arranged on beautifully decorated mismatched plates. Simply dip away with the grilled flat bread and you’re in heaven.

I had the halloumi kabab for my main course with was served with spiced pilaf, crunchy cabbage slaw, Yemeni hilbeh and yogurt. For me, the hilbeh was the true star of this dish. It was an accompaniment of blended green chillies, spices and coriander leaves. Traditionally hilbeh is served a as side to Yemeni soups and breads, but here it worked wonderfully alongside my grilled halloumi that had been marinated in honey and thyme.

The colourful Souk Kitchen has a cafe-like feel which offers up a relaxed and informal atmosphere with friendly and helpful staff. But, with its good reputation and proximity to the Tabacco Factory, it is a busy little restaurant and will be worth booking before going.

I wouldn’t go as far to say this is some of the best Middle Eastern cuisine I’ve eaten in this country, I would have to Edgware Road or similar for that. But Souk Kitchen is a family-friendly, inexpensive and lively restaurant with good quality, tasty and interesting dishes that will have something on offer for everyone. While I had the vegetarian dishes, it was nice to know that the meat on offer was all locally sourced within a 50 mile radius and was free-range and organic.

Well worth a visit.

Souk Kitchen
277 North St
0117 966 6880

Souk Kitchen 1Souk Kitchen 2



  1. I love this place! It’s consistently been in my top 5 places to eat in Bris, everything I’ve eaten there has been phenomenal. I wrote up a bit about other foodie places in Bris, including where the best roasts are to be found – my next aims are to compare Moroccan/Middle Eastern and Spanish eateries from across the city!

  2. Oh and I grew up 5mins from Edgware Rd incidentally, you’re spot on about the food being better there, but I think the vibe of those places is fairly different.

    1. Very true – totally different atmosphere and experience. Do let me know if you come across some good Middle Eastern and Spanish eateries on your adventures in Bris – I’m always up for checking out new places!

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