Spicy bean burgers

Homemade vegetarian burgers have a tendency to fall apart when cooking on barbeques. Every recipe I have made has been great for frying in a pan, but hopeless less on my barbeque. The mixture either falls through the gaps before it has had enough time on the heat to bind together or it sticks to the metal bars and pulls apart when I try to turn it over.

I think the answer might be to place a more forgiving metal grid with tighter rows on top of the thick bars that I currently have. The less space there is for the burger to fall through the better!

I made this burger last night as a pre-run to a barbeque I’m hosting this weekend and I’ve got a good feeling it might just hold up to the challenge.

Ingredients (makes 8 burgers)

1 can (400g)of haricot beans
½ can (200g) of kidney beans
3 cloves of garlic
2 green finger chillies (or to your taste)
1 large onion
2 eggs
1 handful of fresh coriander
2tsp smoked paprika
2tsp ground coriander
5 slices of brown bread


Firstly, break two eggs and add to a large bowl and whisk well before seasoning and adding the spices.

In an electric mixer or blender, drop in the brown bread and blend until the slices become bread crumbs. Pour most of in with the eggs and set a little aside for later.

Roughly slice the onion before also adding to the mixer, along with the garlic, chillies and coriander. Add this and the beans to the egg and breadcrumb mixture.

Mix it all thoroughly and with your hands, mould the mixture into burger shapes, making sure they are not too thick so the garlic and onion cook properly when fried. Coat the burgers in the remaining breadcrumbs before frying in a little oil in a pan or barbeque turning occasionally.

Spicy bean burgers

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