Burger Theory at the Golden Lion

Burger Theory 1Burger theory 2Burgers are not what they used to be. 30 years ago, the humble burger was made of god-knows-what and could only be bought in Wimpy or McDonalds. Vegetarians didn’t get a look in.

20 years ago saw the rise of the veggie burger which meant that vegetarians, like our fellow meat-eaters, could eat a slice of floppy cardboard in a stale white bun.

But now, burgers have poshed up and have transcended the classes. GBK opened up its chain of fancy gourmet burgers across the country, Michael Underwood from CBBC won praise for making a posh burger on MasterChef, and it is now perfectly acceptable for good quality restaurants to sell burger and chips at extortionate prices.

Getting in on the act was Burger Theory guru Rory Perriment. He decided to start his own burger business after coming back from travelling and has built his reputation through pop-up venues in Bristol since Spring 2013. But Burger Theory is no longer a wondering nomad as Rory has found a home for Burger Theory in the popular sub-dub-pub the Golden Lion. Like many Bristolian start-up food companies, Rory prides himself on using locally sourced produce and choosing organic wherever he can. But where other restaurants have cashed in on charging an arm and a leg for what is essentially meat, bread and potatoes, Burger Theory still has incredibly reasonable prices. On average, burgers on his menu are roughly £6.

And how do they taste? They are goooood. There are no prizes for invention though. One guess for the three vegetarian burger options? Yep, that’s right: falafel burger, bean burger and halloumi burger. But that doesn’t matter as there is a reason why these options make their way onto just about every gourmet burger menu; because they work. I opted for the spicy bean burger with smoked cheddar, guacamole and spicy salsa. The bun was fresh, soft, and big, the bean burger was succulent and spicy and the guacamole was rich and creamy. What stole the show for me, was the thick layer of wonderful oozing oak smoked cheddar. Fantastic. Along with a side of Cajun chips and coleslaw and I was a very content, albeit slightly stuffed, lady.

The Golden Lion and Burger Theory make a great match. Pub grub needn’t be, and sometimes really shouldn’t be, fancy. Sometimes all you want is some tasty carbs with a side of more wonderful carbs. And if that comes with a cheap price tag; great. Burger Theory offers up proper Americanised, unapologetic comfort food. Fresh ingredients, really tasty veggie burgers, spicy salsas, creamy coleslaw makes a wonderful accompaniment to fantastic live music, a good pint and a relaxed atmosphere.

Burger Theory’s launch night is tonight (Friday 18th October) and I have no doubt that this match made in heaven will be well received by the pub’s locals as well as new customers.

The Golden Lion
244 Gloucester Rd,
0117 924 6449

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