Shitake mushroom casserole

This warming casserole is great on a cold evening with some crusty bread or roast potatoes. My sister made it for me alongside a similar sausage casserole she made for meat eaters. Dried shitake mushrooms are used in this recipe not only because they are available to buy in more shops but they also have a firmer texture than fresh shitake mushrooms giving the casserole a more interesting consistency. Since the casserole is left to simmer for at least 40 minutes, the mushrooms are given plenty of time to rehydrate properly. It would be fine to use fresh shitake mushrooms if you prefer but the casserole will be a bit more sloppy.


1 pack of dried shitake mushrooms
4 small onions or shallots
3 cloves of garlic
150g fresh chestnut mushrooms
1 glass of red wine
20g butter
300mls passata
1 tin of cannellini beans
Splash balsamic vinegar
1tsp fresh thyme
1tsp chilli flakes
Salt / pepper


Put the dried shitake mushrooms in a bowl with some warm water so they rehydrate.

Melt the butter in a casserole pan. Peel and slice the onions in half before adding them to the butter. If you can’t get your hands on small onions or shallots use normal sized onions and slice them in quarters. After a couple of minutes, add the fresh chestnut mushrooms and garlic for a quick blast and then the red wine, balsamic vinegar, chilli flakes, passata, beans and thyme. Also add the shitake mushrooms and the liquid they have been resting in, but be careful not to tip in any grainy residue left in the bottom of the bowl. Season the mixture before reducing the heat. Pop on a lid and simmer for a good 40 minutes. Keep an eye on it and stir every now and then to make sure it does not stick to the bottom of the pan.

shitake mushroom

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