Pho Hanoi – Bristol

Pho Hanoi is an unassuming restaurant on the vibrant Gloucester Road in Bristol that serves beautiful Vietnamese dishes at incredibly low prices.

I ordered crispy vegetarian spring rolls to start which had a surprising rich and curry-like flavoured filling. For my main course I had Pho Vegetarian. Out came a huge bowl of steaming broth which was delicately flavoured with aromatic spices. I squirted a lemon wedge onto it, added the chopped chillies that accompanied the dish and enjoyed each and every ladleful. By the time I had chomped my way though the tofu and pak choi that were floating on top, the rice noodles resting in the bottom of the bowl had absorbed the heat from the chillies which resulted in quite a fiery end to my meal.

It has a cafe-like interior and the staff are wonderfully attentive. But what was astonishing was that it was only £6 for my main course. Six British pounds!

I’ve often found myself out and about on Gloucester Road, a little tipsy with not enough food in my belly. Next time this happens, I’m heading straight to Pho Hanoi for some of its delicious soups.

Pho Hanoi
209 Gloucester Rd

0117 373 8882

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