Berenjenas con miel

There are a few different recipes for berenjenas con miel or aubergines with honey, all of which are pretty good. Some recipes deep fry the aubergines in batter, however, I think the stripped down simple version is best. I first ate this tapas dish in Barcelona and promised myself I would learn how to make it back in the UK.

Ingredients (serves 2)

1 aubergine
Lots of salt
Olive oil
1tbsp plain flour
Runny honey


Slice the aubergines into thickish slices (just over 1cm). Grind some salt onto a plate and arrange the aubergine on top. Add other good grind of salt and place another plate on top with a weight on it (a bottle of wine will do). Set aside for at least 20 minutes – this process will draw out any excess water.

Pat dry the aubergines with kitchen roll and dust away any excess salt. Once the aubergines are dry, cover both sides with plain flour. Heat the oil in a pan so it is nice and hot and fry the aubergines on both sides until they are golden brown.

Arrange the fried aubergines on a plate and drizzle runny honey over them. They go soggy quite quickly to eat them straight away to enjoy the lovely crunchy texture.

berenjenas con miel

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