BBQ halloumi with mango salsa in a brioche bun

This is the perfect vegetarian option at barbeques on warm summer evenings.

1 pack of halloumi
1 ripe mango
1 small red onion
1 fresh red chilli
1 lime
Handful of fresh coriander
4 brioche buns

There are many different ways of stoning a mango. I find the way that works for me is peeling off the flesh with a vegetable peeler and then chopping away the flesh from the stone. I’m sure there are much better methods than mine! Put the mango flesh, the onion and red chilli into a food processor. Give it a quick blast so everything is roughly chopped up before putting in a bowl. Add the juice of one lime and a handful of roughly chopped coriander. Mix well.

Grill the halloumi on a BBQ for about three minutes on each side so it is nicely charred. Put the halloumi into a brioche bun with a dollop of the mango salsa and enjoy!

BBQ halloumi

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