Beetroot carpaccio and goats cheese

This is a great starter for a dinner party. Don’t bother arranging it on individual starter plates, spread out the beetroot on a large serving plate and dot the cheeses on top. Be careful to use a plate which has a rim otherwise the beetroot juices will spill over the edge.

If you have time, pickle the beetroot in the morning before eating so it has time to soften.

Ingredients (serves 8)
6 beetroots (raw)
8 slices of goats cheese
4 tablespoons of good extra virgin olive oil
3 good cider vinegar
1tbsp sugar
1tbsp fresh thyme
Handful of fresh rocket
Handful of sliced cherry tomatoes


Start by slicing the beetroot as thin as you can. I did this by using one of the slicing blades in my food processor. A mandoline slicer would work well (be careful!) or a steady hand and a sharp knife will also do it. Mix together the olive oil, cider vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper and thyme in a jug and give it a good stir.

In a large bowl or Tupperware container, layer the beetroot and pour a bit of the mixture between each layer until you have used up all of the beetroot and dressing. Cover the bowl in Clingfilm or with an lid and set aside. I usually make it in the morning and leave it to pickle all day. But if you don’t have all day, make sure you pickle the beetroot for at least one hour.

About 10 minutes before serving, arrange the goats cheese on some tin foil and grill for about five minutes or until they are golden brown.

Arrange the beetroot carpaccio across a large serving plate and place the cherry tomatoes and rocket on top. Carefully add the grilled goats cheese and you are ready to serve!

Beetroot Carpaccio. 2JPG


  1. This dish looks stunning.

  2. That looks amazing! So vibrant and attractive. I will definitely be pinching it.

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