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Helen MillsHi there and welcome to my blog – The Everyday Vegetarian UK.

Helen MillsI’ve been vegetarian for a very long time now – my mum gave up trying to force feed me meat when I was about 10 years old and I have been loving cooking vegetarian meals ever since. I was very lucky when I was younger; food was, and is a massive part of my family and family gatherings. My mum would cook creative feasts from scratch and I can’t remember a time when we were allowed to eat in front of the TV.

When I tell people that I’m a vegetarian, they often assume that I come from a vegetarian family, but nothing could be further from the truth. My parents, sister, cousins and extended family all love their meat and all have a very healthy attitude towards it. We were brought up knowing what meat was and where it came from while having a strong appreciation for all things organic and welfare. While this tactic worked a treat for my sister and cousins who will happily eat all manner of meat, from steak tartare to fresh oysters, I decided that vegetarianism was the path for me.

Being a vegetarian is very easy in the UK today. There is at least one vegetarian choice at almost all restaurants you go to. To be honest, I often don’t mind if there is only one choice when going into a good, up-market restaurant as normally, these places only have a limited menu for meat eaters alike. What does annoy me however, is the lack of imagination when it comes to this dish as the vegetarian option often feels like an afterthought. I’m fed up to the back teeth of eating risotto when I eat out! Don’t get me wrong, I love risotto, but this is a dish I can cook easily at home and it feels like 9 times of out 10, this will be the ‘vegetarian alternative’ at the moment. Very uninspiring!

But, dishes come in and out of fashion, just like clothes. Risotto is constantly on menus now, perhaps chefs will move on to something a little more inventive and a little less stodgy soon.

Having said that, there are some great non-vegetarian restaurants that I love, and do my taste-buds proud – MoroBrindisa, Flinty Red and the wonderful Caravan are examples of these.

A real treat is, however, going to a exclusively vegetarian restaurant. Since my fiancée, family and most of my friends are carnivores  I don’t get to relish in this experience as much as I would like, but on occasion, we do. There are more and more vegetarian restaurants popping up all over the UK and are enjoyed my vegetarian and meat-eaters alike. Particular favourites include the understated Sky Apple Cafe, the bustling, fail-safe Mildreds and the inventive Saf.

I’ve created this blog in an attempt to capture some of the meals I’ve made, places I’ve eaten and hints and tips of being an everyday vegetarian. It might take a while for the content to get flowing, so please bare with me and add comments, ideas and recipes as you see fit.

Feel free to get in contact!

Emil: TheEverydayVegetarianUK@hotmail.co.uk
Twitter: @everydayvegUK

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Many thanks for reading.

Helen Mills


  1. Love your site! Great to find some lovely recipes – very inspiring! Thank you.

  2. You have a gorgeous blog Helen..and very authentic recipes! Lovely to be in touch x

  3. Rita Robertshaw · · Reply

    Hi Helen

    I’ve just found your site today – what have I been missing??!!!!!!!

    My sis and I were on holiday at Celtic Haven in Lydstep a couple of years ago. We visited the onsite Waves restaurant to receive our free meal (part of the Groupon voucher scheme) and I was disappointed with the two veggie options (lasagne and mushroom risotto I believe). I asked the waitress if she would ask the chef to make me ratatouille instead. Hey presto – ratatouille (albeit with pasta spirals!!). Last year I went to our new Asda store on Bradford and visited their cafe. Jacket potato on offer. I had the jacket potato because I was in a hurry but I did suggest to the waitress that maybe ratatouille would be a good option and would she suggest it to the cook? There’s no harm in asking is there Helen? Ratatouille on top of a garlic pizza base then grated veggie cheese on top and cooked – hmmmmm, I can taste it now.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Rita! Yep – there is no harm in asking for some else. After all, you are paying for it!

  4. I find the veggie options in most places now (& I live in Northern Ireland) to consist of goats cheese something or other…. & unfortunately I do not like goats cheese! I do find that most chefs are quite accommodating though & will offer an alternative when asked, although it is usually uninspiring. I was offered curry or a stir fry in a hotel a few weeks ago – neither of which made my mouth water…
    Best veggie restaurant I’ve been to was Maitrea in Prague – fabulous!

    1. Hi Maj – you’re right, chefs do tend to be accommodating. Thanks for the Maitrea suggestion! Always looking for new veggie restaurants to explore – even when I’m on holiday!


  5. Rita Robertshaw · · Reply

    Bloomin’ heck lady – that’s a long way to go for a decent veggie meal!!!!!

  6. David Hartland · · Reply

    Hi Helen
    Great stuff.
    Your thoughts on risotto are spot on.
    Really pleased to see you recommending our local veggie restaurant (Sky Apple).

    (A fellow Jisc veggie)

    1. Hi Dave! Thanks for your post. I grew up in Hexham – every time I visit my parents, I always try and shoehorn in a meal at the Sky Apple cafe. Their halloumi ‘fish’ and chips dish is dangerously good!

      Let me know when you’re down in Bristol and we’ll get some lunch 🙂


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