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Battledown Brewery

Tucked away on a back street of Cheltenham is a micro brewery, Battledown. The unassuming building it is housed resembles more of a shed than a brewery and is home to some of the loveliest local ales on offer. It sells itself as Cheltenham’s oldest working brewery, but by the fact it only started brewing […]


St Werburghs’ High Street

On first glance, St Werburghs could be any other community nestled on the outskirts of any city centre, but on closer inspection, it is an area of stark contrasts. It is situated between a wealth of allotments and a busy motorway, on another side is an out of town retail park, on the other a […]

All Hail the Cheese Toastie

Traipsing through Waterloo on Saturday I found myself in a very lucky situation: not only was I early to meet a friend and therefore had time to kill, but I had also stumbled upon a cheese and wine festival tucked behind the Royal Festival Hall. This weekend-long food festival was made up of around 40 […]

Why Graze is a Marketing Success

Over the past few years, places of work across the UK have become overrun with more and more brown boxes, pistachio shells and a slight fug of burnt popcorn emanating from microwaves. As employees are swapping walkers crisps for a weekly delivery of healthy goodies from Graze, waistlines are slimming, with the wallets of those […]

Teoh’s Exotic Delights

I sometimes worry when restaurants have more than one cuisine on offer. It makes me feel like they can’t do one well, so go for the scatter gun approach instead. But that couldn’t be further from the truth for Bristol’s Teohs. Its restaurant is very understated with an almost canteen-like feel, but the food, which […]

Newington Green Fruit & Vegetables

It seems that I’m spending less and less time in the capital. Over the past few years I have morphed from a fully fledged Londoner who would sit in east London pubs chatting about the merits and pitfalls of the gentrification of Hackney, and have turned into a wanna-be Bristolian who doesn’t know my Banksy’s […]