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Barbequed asparagus raft with a smoky hollandaise sauce

By cooking asparagus on a barbeque, their skins become lovely and charred while retaining a crunchy, fresh texture. There is no need to blanch them before hand – simply add them to the barbeque raw. I promise you, these asparagus spears dipped in a smoky hollandaise sauce will go down well among vegetarians and meat […]

Couscous Salad for a barbeque

Vegetarians don’t fare well at barbeques. I don’t know a vegetarian who hangs out only with other vegetarians, so inevitably barbeque season for vegetarians doesn’t excite our taste buds as it does our meat-eating companions. But it doesn’t mean we don’t get to eat anything good. In my view, there isn’t anything better than grilled […]

Blue Cheese Pasta

You could use any vegetables you fancy, but blue cheese really suits broccoli, asparagus and mushrooms. Spinach also goes really well. Try and use a good blue cheese and make sure it is nice a creamy rather than crumbly as it will be easier to melt into the pasta to make it lovely and oozy. […]