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Honey nut cutlets

Nut burgers have a reputation of being dry and boring in the vegetarian community. But the simple addition of honey caramelises the nuts making these cutlets rich and tasty. Adding a touch of honey can also transform nut loafs into more exciting dishes. Ingredients (makes roughly 6 cutlets) 300g mixed nuts (I use walnuts, brazils, […]

Red lentil dal burger

The key to this burger is balancing the ingredients so it is firm enough that it holds its shape but not too much that it becomes dry. Ingredients 200g dried red lentils ½ cup dry breadcrumbs 1 egg 1 onion 1 lemon 50g gram flour 1 thumb ginger 2 cloves garlic 1tsp chilli flakes Salt […]

Curried Parsnip Fritters

I recently picked the parsnips out of my vegetable patch after a spate of cold and frosty mornings. Apparently, it is important to pick them after it has been frosty otherwise they won’t be sweet. I don’t think I thinned my parsnips enough earlier in the year as some were a little on the thin […]

Burger Theory at the Golden Lion

Burgers are not what they used to be. 30 years ago, the humble burger was made of god-knows-what and could only be bought in Wimpy or McDonalds. Vegetarians didn’t get a look in. 20 years ago saw the rise of the veggie burger which meant that vegetarians, like our fellow meat-eaters, could eat a slice […]

Sweet Potato Patties

These patties are great for a light lunch with a simple salad. Ingredients (for two) 1 large sweet potato 1 garlic clove 1 large red onion ½ inch of ginger 1 tsp chilli flakes Salt / pepper 2tsp garam masala 1tsp bouillon powder 100g gram (chickpea) flour Vegetable oil (to fry) Method Firstly, peel the […]

Spicy bean burgers

Homemade vegetarian burgers have a tendency to fall apart when cooking on barbeques. Every recipe I have made has been great for frying in a pan, but hopeless less on my barbeque. The mixture either falls through the gaps before it has had enough time on the heat to bind together or it sticks to […]