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Vegetarian Turkish Koftas

Ingredients (6 koftas) 200g brown lentils 200g red split lentils 2 cloves of garlic 1 white onion 1tsp ground cinnamon 1tsp ground allspice ½tsp grated nutmeg 100g breadcrumbs salt and pepper Vegetable stock cube Oil Method Boil the kettle and make 600mls of vegetable stock using a stock cube. Pour it over both types of […]

Beetroot dip

This brightly coloured hummus-like dip will wow your guests. It is incredibly easy to make and very healthy. Ingredients 4 cooked beetroots 1 tsp of creamed horseradish ½ can of chickpeas 1 tbsp tahini paste Salt / pepper Juice of ½ a lemon ½ tsp cumin A sprinkling of sesame seeds (optional) Method Whizz all […]

A Trip Down Memory Lane at Mangals 2

I recently spent part of my weekend in my old stomping ground of Dalston in East London. A lot has changed – dingy cellar bars have been replaced with trendy celeb spotting joints, and Turkish furniture stores have been transformed into organic cafes. It’s still fun though – with some of the same bonkers characters, […]

Imam Bayildi with Bulgur Wheat

Imam Bayildi means ‘the imam fainted’ and is a traditional Turkish meal, but is also served throughout the middle east. Chef Sally Butcher has a similar version, which she calls ‘Swooning Imam’, which can be found her brilliant book Veggiestan: A Vegetable Lover’s Tour of the Middle East. My version is a sort of mixed […]

Basic Hummus Recipe

We are a nation of hummus lovers – we just can’t get enough of the stuff. According to the consumer research firm Kantar Worldpanel, us Britons get through 12,000 tonnes of hummus a year – that accounts to over £60m. Traditionally, hummus is a middle eastern dish and it has snuck into our national cuisine […]

Souk Kitchen

Souk Kitchen is a prime example of good quality fusion cuisine between North African and Middle Eastern dishes made for Western tastes. The food at this Bristolian restaurant does not seem to traditionally hark from one country, but are lovely adaptations of North African and Middle Eastern dishes to suit UK appetites. Tajines, salads, grills […]