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Top tips for vegetarian kebabs for barbecue season

Summer is well and truly with us. British summers come with some obligatory customs which include watching Wimbledon on TV while munching through a bowl of strawberries, a muddy festival or two, overly competitive sports days and barbecuing in the rain while cursing at the BBC weather forecast. It is sometimes a little rubbish as […]


Spicy bean burgers

Homemade vegetarian burgers have a tendency to fall apart when cooking on barbeques. Every recipe I have made has been great for frying in a pan, but hopeless less on my barbeque. The mixture either falls through the gaps before it has had enough time on the heat to bind together or it sticks to […]

Cooking on a Real Fire in the Great Outdoors

There really is something quite mesmerising about a fire. Perhaps it is do with some deep seated primal instincts that conjure up a feeling of safety, a feeling that tonight, ‘we will eat and we will be warm’. Understandably, many campsites in the UK don’t allow bonfires, but there are a select few that do, […]