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Porcini and black truffle linguine

I am a total sucker for truffle. I know it is extravagant and expensive, but I tend to justify my truffle splurges by qualifying that, as a vegetarian, I spend a lot less money on food than others. This also makes me a total sucker for truffle stalls at markets and foodie events. At the […]


Garden vegetable pasta

You don’t necessarily need fresh peas or broad beans for this dish – the frozen ones work just as well although you will need to slightly thaw the broad beans before taking the skins off. I think this pasta dish is best eaten in the garden on a warm summer’s evening with a good glass […]

Spinach balls

This recipe uses spinach, but you could just as easily use other green leaves including kale, cavolo nero, or a mixture. Just make sure the leaves are properly cooked and thoroughly drained before making them into balls. You can deep fry them, but I found they stay together better if you bake them in the […]

Rocket pesto

You can eat this however you like – either in pasta, as a dip or spread on some bread. Ingredients 30g pine nuts 40g rocket (one pack) 1 garlic clove 40g grated vegetarian parmesan Salt and pepper Extra virgin olive oil Method Toast the pine nuts in a pan (without any oil). Keep an eye […]

Marmite and mushroom mac ‘n’ cheese

This is a fantastic food for the soul kind of recipe. It’s totally, uncompromisingly indulgent and unfeigned. It’s a great dish to eat if you’re feeling a bit blue, sat on the sofa, mid box series marathon. If you’re not a lover of marmite, don’t worry, the marmite taste is subtle and simply adds a […]

Creamy Mushroom Tagliatelle

This is a really easy midweek supper. Ingredients (serves 2) Tagliatelle – I used 4 nests, but it depends how hungry you are! 5 large flat field mushrooms 100g button mushrooms Handful of parsley 3 cloves of garlic 50ml Single cream 50g Stilton Vegetarian parmesan Salt/pepper 10g Butter Method Get a pan of salted boiling […]

Blue Cheese Pasta

You could use any vegetables you fancy, but blue cheese really suits broccoli, asparagus and mushrooms. Spinach also goes really well. Try and use a good blue cheese and make sure it is nice a creamy rather than crumbly as it will be easier to melt into the pasta to make it lovely and oozy. […]

Cooking on a Real Fire in the Great Outdoors

There really is something quite mesmerising about a fire. Perhaps it is do with some deep seated primal instincts that conjure up a feeling of safety, a feeling that tonight, ‘we will eat and we will be warm’. Understandably, many campsites in the UK don’t allow bonfires, but there are a select few that do, […]