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Great places to eat in and around Hexham and Corbridge for vegetarians

As a vegetarian, there is nothing I love doing more than eating at vegetarian restaurants. Having a choice about what I want to eat is a delightful treat. However, like the majority of vegetarians, I am surrounded by friends and family that are meat-eaters. When I do go out to eat with my husband, friends […]


Grosvenor Arms – Chester

Down the road from the Duke of Westminster’s estate in Cheshire is the Grosvenor Arms. It is set in an imposing but decorative red brick building, indicative of the architecture belonging to most of the buildings owned by the Grosvenor family in that part of the world. While I quite like the building’s appearance, its […]

Burger Theory at the Golden Lion

Burgers are not what they used to be. 30 years ago, the humble burger was made of god-knows-what and could only be bought in Wimpy or McDonalds. Vegetarians didn’t get a look in. 20 years ago saw the rise of the veggie burger which meant that vegetarians, like our fellow meat-eaters, could eat a slice […]

The Crooked Billet – Henley on Thames

The Crooked Billet is an unassuming little country pub, off the beaten track that specialises in fantastic, heaven sent food. I was lucky enough to eat at the Crooked Billet, just outside Henley on Thames, twice in one day as I was there for a wedding as well as lunch beforehand. We pitched our tent […]