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What oil should you use and when?

I have a habit of using extra virgin olive oil when cooking, but this is completely unnecessary and a massive waste of money since I cannot taste the lovely olive oil flavour. I’ve done a bit of research and discovered which oils are best for different circumstances Olive oil Olive oil comes in three different […]


Great places to eat in and around Hexham and Corbridge for vegetarians

As a vegetarian, there is nothing I love doing more than eating at vegetarian restaurants. Having a choice about what I want to eat is a delightful treat. However, like the majority of vegetarians, I am surrounded by friends and family that are meat-eaters. When I do go out to eat with my husband, friends […]

World Food Cafe Vegetarian Bible – Special Offer

I’ve just got my hands on the excellent new World Food Cafe’s book Vegetarian Bible. I’m going to be spending most of the weekend cooking up some delicious dishes from far flung lands. The book, by husband and wife team Chris and Carolyn Caldicott, has over 200 recipes from around the world – watch this […]

Confused by different types of lentils?

Lentils are a fantastic source of protein for vegetarians. Just 100g contains 26g of protein which is equivalent to 52% of your recommended daily allowance. There are incredibly versatile, easy to cook and very filling. Basically, lentils are legumes known as pulses. Lentils, like peas and beans, are seeds. Unlike dried beans, dried lentils don’t […]

The Adventurous Vegetarian Cookbook

I was lucky enough recently to obtain a copy of a new vegetarian cookbook, The Adventurous Vegetarian by Jane Hughes. The tag line reads: “Around the world in 30 meals”, which feels as though the book might be a little light in recipes. However, it isn’t. In fact, Hughes takes us on a tour of […]

Not all products are quite as they seem!

It has recently come to my attention that many products that enrich their ingredients with Omega 3 may not be suitable for vegetarians. I’ve noticed that more and more products, such as bread and orange juice, are adding Omega 3 to their ingredients lists. This is a marketing ploy to advertise a ‘healthy heart’ product […]

Alternatives to Gorgonzola and Roquefort

Like Parmesan, Gorgonzola is not suitable for vegetarians. This is due to the animal rennet used while making it. Because Gorgonzola is DOC listed, it has to be made in this traditional way; otherwise it cannot be called Gorgonzola. Gorgonzola is often used in ‘vegetarian’ meals in restaurants, so check with the waiter/waitress if the […]

Which lagers are suitable for vegetarians?

Sometimes being a vegetarian is a bit of a minefield. Supposedly ‘vegetarian’ friendly produce turns out to have either animal produce in it, or animals have been used during the making process. The reason many lagers a not vegetarian is because a fish bladders are used in the filtering process – where the lager is […]

Alternatives to Parmesan

Since I was the only vegetarian in my family when I was growing up, there were many foods that I didn’t realise weren’t vegetarian until I was in my late teens. I remember being devastated finding out that there was this thing called gelatine that was made from cows and could be found in most […]