Goats cheese coquettes with truffled honey

These coquettes and honey make a fantastic starter or swanky canapés for a party. It does feel like quite a fancy plate of nibbles, but the goats cheese, honey and truffle flavours really complement each other and are incredibly moreish. Some truffle companies sell truffled honey, but you can easily make it yourself by combing honey with a few teaspoons of truffle oil.


3 large baking potatoes
200g goats cheese
2tbsp panko bread crumbs
2tbsp plain flour
100mls honey
2tsp truffle oil
Salt and pepper
Oil (for frying)


Start by baking the potatoes in an oven for an hour. Once they are cool enough to handle, peel the skin and discard (or use for another recipe). Make sure the potato flesh is thoroughly mashed so there are no lumps. Combine the potato with the grated goats cheese, flour, salt and pepper. The goats cheese should slightly melt and the mixture should be quite a thick and workable consistency. Using your hands, roll the mixture into a rope about an inch thick. If you find it falls apart, add more flour or chill in the fridge for 10 minutes. Cut into coquette shapes before covering in the panko bread crumbs and then deep fry in some hot oil.

Combine the truffle oil to the honey. Do one teaspoon first and give it a taste – some truffle oil is more pungent than others. Add another teaspoon if necessary.

Goats cheese croquets with truffled honey



  1. This sounds/looks and I’m sure tastes so great. I want to try these out for sure!

  2. I have tasted it in fact i use Truffle Honey for weight loss because it never effects me. You can also use its chocolate its really awesome.

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