Semolina fritters

This recipe is inspired from a recipe found in Rose Elliot’s Supreme Vegetarian Cookbook. My mum used to make these when I was little. My recipe is a little simpler than hers and uses Gorgonzola instead of cheddar. They are so tasty and children love them!

If you haven’t come across Rose Elliot before, you are really missing out! She is a bit of a hero of mine and helped disperse the myths around bland vegetarian cooking. Her back catalogue has fantastic fail safe recipes.

500ml whole milk
125g semolina
100g Gorgonzola
2tbsp chopped fresh parsley
Salt and pepper
1 egg (beaten)
3tbsp dried breadcrumbs
Oil for frying

Heat the milk in a pan. Once it is hot, slowly add the semolina and stir constantly for about 8 minutes. Take off the heat and season well. Cut the Gorgonzola into small chunks and stir into the semolina mix along with the parsley.

Spread the mixture out into a baking tray so it is about 1 ½ cm deep. Leave it to rest in the fridge for about 30 minutes or longer if necessary. Cut the mixture into squares, dip each square into the egg mixture and then into breadcrumbs. Shallow fry in some oil on both sides until nice and crispy.

Semolina fritter

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