Easy Veg Pie


Thank god for ready-rolled shop bought puff pastry! When I’m exhausted after a long day in the office or a busy weekend, there are very few dishes that can give such pleasure from such little effort.

Below is a recipe that I made recently and may not be to everyone’s taste, but be brave and experiment. Pies are a great way to use those left over vegetables that are starting to look a bit sorry for themselves in the bottom of the fridge. And also experiment with the appearance. Add the filling to on top of small little pastry squares for individual starters, or a large open rectangle for a side, or a covered pie for a more wholesome main. The choice is yours!


Shop bought puff pastry
1 clove of garlic
2 ripe tomatoes
2 red onions
1 courgette
100g Gruyère
Bullion stock (one tea spoon)
3 or 4 sun-dried tomatoes
1 green chilli


In a pan, fry the onions, chilli and courgette, but don’t overdo them. Add the bullion power and a dash of water.

Cut out a large square of pastry and add to a greased dish. In the centre, place the thinly sliced tomatoes, and very finely chopped garlic.

Add the basil and sun dried tomatoes to the onion and courgette mixture and add on top of the tomatoes.

Chop up the Gruyère into chunks and place on top before folding the pastry so it makes an envelope and pop in to oven for 20 minutes until golden brown.


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